There is still a lot to learn about the Round-leaf Pomaderris – Pomaderris vacciniifolia.

SIZE a large shrub with weak spreading branches, 2-3.5 m.

LOCATION uncommon. By streams in ranges east of Melbourne. In Messmate type forests.


thin, elliptic, mostly 1-2 cm x 6-12 mm, smooth glabrous dark-green above, pale-greyish beneath with minute stellate tomentum (a covering of dense matted short hairs that are star shaped or branching type hairs). Veins inconspicuous.


Round-leaf Pomaderris - Pomaderris vacciniifolia. Leaf size.

FLOWERS creamy with fine pedicels (fine individual flower stalks), in small leafy panicles (branching groups), petals present, ovary prominent with stellate hairs (branching type hairs), style just cleft (divided / split).

Round-leaf Pomaderris - Pomaderris vacciniifolia. Flower.

FRUITa small globular, capsule, about 2 mm wide.

CONSERVATION [v] Vulnerable in Victoria [endemic] Found only in Victoria.


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