Propagation technique for Round-leaf Pomaderris (R-lP) that has been used with good success by the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG).

Seed pre-treated by mixing with smoke vermiculite and soaking in hot water for 24hrs. Sown on 21.12.09 in a seedling tray (Size: 350 x 295 x 50). The RBG uses a good quality pre-mixed seed raising mix (you so get what you pay for).

The tray is ¾ filled with the seed raising mix and firmed down. The vermiculite/seed mix is then gently poured over the surface and evened out with a dibble stick then watered in and placed in our seed raising house where the temperature is maintained between 16 and 26 deg Celsius. A 75% shade screen is automatically drawn at 20Klux and opens at 8Klux. The tray was kept moist and not allowed to dry out.

300 R-lP were tubed up on 25.01.10. A further 700 R-lP tubed up on 20.02.10. 600 R-lP more on 20.03.10. The remainder R-lP’s were tubed up 28.04.10.

Note: It would appear that the pricking out of the whole tray of R-lP germinants resulting in the subsequent media disturbance would encourage the next lot of R-lP germinants and so on. Not sure if the germinants release an inhibitor or if this is simply sporadic germination.

Note that it is illegal to take cuttings or collect seed from plants on public land without a permit.