There are at least 70 different species in the genus Pomaderris. The Round-leaf Pomaderris – Pomaderris vacciniifolia is endemic to Victoria, meaning it is not naturally found anywhere else. Historical records exist for the plant from the Warrandyte and Eltham areas through Kinglake, Castella and Toolangi to Chum Creek. Records also exist at Tyers, Toongabbie and Cowwar.

In recent decades concern has risen that the plant is apparently failing to reproduce successfully, possibly due to browsing of young plants by deer, rabbits and native herbivores. Tall and exposed specimens are prone to blow over in high winds. Bark damage due to deer rubbing their antlers and insect damage have also been recorded. As it is often found growing on roadsides and under power lines it is also subject to damage from weed spraying, roadside slashing and drain clearing.

By 2006 the continued survival of the species was uncertain and David Cameron, Senior Botanist at the DSE, recorded the sobering possibility that the total population of mature plants might be as low as 140. In October 2006 David led a survey to record the population at Chum Creek, assisted by members of Healesville Environment Watch Inc. (HEWI) and the Field Naturalists‘ Club.

This website was developed to highlight the plight of the beautiful and unique Round-leaf Pomaderris – Pomaderris vacciniifolia.