Black Saturday Bushfire

Sadly, the fires in February 2009 destroyed almost all specimens at Castella and Chum Creek. Toolangi is now the only remaining place with a significant population of the plant, including the oldest known living specimen, “Walter”.  There is encouraging evidence of regeneration at several of the burned sites.

Bushfire Recovery funding of $10,000 is helping to protect remaining Round-leaf Pomaderris plants and new germinating seedlings in the Chum Creek area. The species may regenerate from the seed-bank in the soil after fire, but it is likely to be susceptible to weed invasion and grazing by rabbits, deer, wombats and livestock.

Rabbit-proof fencing has been erected at five sites to prevent access to animals that may harm the plants during recovery.

A Landcare project is also supporting a recovery program for the Round-leaf Pomaderris working with the local community.