The incredible web of life

Right now our government can’t see the forest for the trees. They claim only people who live right next to big polluting coal mines will feel the impacts – and that other voices shouldn’t count.

But the world doesn’t work that way. We’re all connected by the web of life. A giant coal mine in the Galilee Basin would impact – not just the local environment – but communities all along the Great Dividing Range, and beyond.

So many Australians get it. The futures of our unique wildlife, the places we love, and our communities are inextricably linked.



The Range is vital to life in Australia. Almost three-quarters of Australian people and most of our threatened animals live alongside its mountain corridor.

The dense forests keep our air clean. The rivers and water catchments are our lifeblood. And as the world warms, the Range is our refuge.

Many of you are doing incredible work locally – like the everyday heroes of our video