The next trail for this bi yearly event from Healesville Environment Watch Inc (HEWI) will begin in Toolangi and finish at Wirrawilla. This community walk will be led by Evelyn Feller on Sunday May 22, meeting at the Forest Discovery Centre by 10am where we learn more about the future of the new management of this valuable community resource. Read more →

An Afternoon of Free Films

HEWI invites you to share and discuss a stimulating double bill on current issues “The Case for Optimism on Climate Change”is a new TED Talk from Al Gore,presented withthe same humour and humanity that he conveyed in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. This short presentation uses up-to-the-minute examples from around the globe and conveys Gore’s reasons for optimism that the world can… Read more →

The Sex Life of Orchids

A Walk, Watch and Wonder event with Healesville Environment Watch (HEWI) Nineteen people enjoyed an orchid trail on Sunday October 04, led by our knowledgeable leader Kaye McRae along bush tracks, discovering beautiful orchids, singly and in patches all the way. We were also fortunate to learn more about the biology of orchids from our supporting naturalists Jane and Malcolm… Read more →